Frontend Developer

Job Type: Full Type Salary Range: 20K to 27K

We are looking for a Frontend Developer having experience in HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript & Gulp/Webpack.

You will be part of our frontend team. You will be responsible for converting UI Design to a working website and creating an interactive website using HTML, CSS, Javascript, SCSS, Gulp & more, as per requirements.

About Zakirsoft:
Zakirsoft is a fast-growing innovative software development agency working on several exciting projects. We are focused on providing quality web development services with customer satisfaction in mind. Product development is another half of Zakirsoft.

- Ability to convert Figma to HTML
- Proficiency with pixel perfect design 
- Expertise in CSS Grid, Flexbox, and media queries.
- Experience with a CSS pre-processor like SASS, LESS.
- Moderate understanding of Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, etc.
- Experience in working with a version control system like Git.
- Solid understanding of responsive design and cross-browser compatibility.
- Experience with a build tool like gulp, grunt, and webpack
- Write clean and organize code with proper commenting
- Work with our design and development team and cooperate with them.
- Approved items in Themeforest is a plus
- Experience with modern Javascript framework (React/Vue.js) is a plus

Salary Range:
- Based on Skills [20K - 27K (BDT) and Other Benefits]

Job Nature:
- Job Type: Full Time
- Office Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM (Sat-Thurs) 6 days (We will consider remote as well)

Location: Adabor, Mohammadpur (

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